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Hey there! I'm Cara, 19 yrs. old. I'm a shoujo manga fan. This blog contains manga caps, reviews, and some personal comments. Talk to me. I need it.
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do you know any shoujo mangas with the heroine having special powers?

Like Gakuen Alice?

You should try reading black bird,keishichou tokuhanka, kimi ga uso, and kimi ga uso o tsuita :)

Let’s face it. We’re not getting any younger.

Lately, I find myself getting more attracted to josei mangas than shoujo. So you would be expecting more josei caps from now on. I’m still a shoujo manga fan. I just need to move on :)

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10 Random facts about myself:

1. I’m a fresh graduate from the University of the Philippines Los Banos.

2. I’m not a fujoshi.

3. I’m a stalker.

4. I’m 20 yrs old.

5. I write Gintama fanfics

6. I would love to become a student again

7. I hate cookies and cream

8. I love corn, crabs, and shrimps

9. I guess I’m conceited

10. I love singing

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Working Hard is for Losers and Women: Why Shoujo Manga is the Worst Place for an Ego-Boost


DISCLAIMER: There is nothing wrong with having a male protagonist who’s smarter than the female.  What I’m concerned with is the treatment of these characters.

Out of the many shoujo mangas I have read in my lifetime, very few have a female protagonist who is academically smart.  Most of the time, it’s the male lead who’s cool, calm, and collected.  Not to mention handsome, insanely wealthy and incredibly intelligent.

However, I will come across those rare series in which the female protagonist is actually a hard-working student whose studying does pay off.

Of course, the male lead is always better.  Always.

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Something to ponder on.

Personally, I am also more of a hard-worker than a genius and I am really looking forward to a shoujo manga that would give corresponding credits to a heroine that  works hard.

Most stories, be it shoujo or shounen, have an underdog for a protagonist. Basically, so that most people can sympathize with them and root for them as they lead their journeys. It would be boring to have a perfect character for a protagonist. Hence, hard-working female leads who get beaten by  flawless male leads cannot be avoided. That would be okay for an introduction, conflict, or twist in the story. Just okay to provide a thrill in the plot. Still, as the story progresses, readers like me are hoping for a reversal of situation where the female lead will now be able to surpass the male lead.


Finally graduated…


Finally graduated…

I just need to reblog this!!

I just need to reblog this!!

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Haven’t read any shoujo manga lately because I feel like I’m about to experience a real shoujo story.

Balancing Toy

Balancing Toy

Narugami is so adorbs! 

Narugami is so adorbs!